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Why integrate Google Analytics in Quanta?

Which could be renamed to: why does your favorite Performance Guru keep reminding you to use Google Analytics?

In fact Google Analytics, GA for intimates, will allow you and us to correlate technical data, response time, server load to your business data such as traffic, conversion and many others.

With the GA feed, you will be able to measure your capacity and know if your site can withstand the sales for example!



So, convinced of the usefulness of GA? Or if you just want to please us, you can follow the progress of this article to link your Google Analytics account to Quanta.


In this article


Link my Google Analytics account

  CAREFUL : To add/delete a link, you'll need to be at least administrator on your Quanta

First connection? To link Quanta to your GA account, go in the business tab
And follow our guide to connect.

If you want to modify the current monitored GA account: 

  • Go to the  "Configuration" tab settings-gears.png (up right of your screen)
  • Select the site on which you want to link your GA account
  • Go to the  exchange-arrows.png Integration tab
  • Click on "Select another profile"


Do Quanta probes interfere with my data in GA?

No, Quanta is a ninja for GA! Indeed we do not call the Google Analytics tag present on the pages of your site.


So your stats won't be affected by us!


Why don't I have real-time data?

Google Analytics is always delayed for up to several hours. Since we recover data via their API, until it is visible in GA, we cannot recover it.


I deactivated GA by mistake! How do I retrieve my history?

😱No problem! We always recover the last 24 hours of data.
Wait a minute and you should see them coming.

If you want to recover more than 24 hours late, do not hesitate to contact the support (via the "Help" button at the bottom right of your screen on the Quanta application).

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