It gives you access in a blink to all essential information for decision-making such as: What new feature should I implement? What page do I optimize? What technical problems do I deal with first? ... Etc.


All this is possible thanks to 4 different widgets:
  • The Turnover widget, which estimates the impact of a downtime on your turnover as well as for other technical problems,
  • The widget E-commerce sales funnel, which studies the availability and average response time for each stage of the sales tunnel from your site,
  • Top pages widget, which estimates the additional income achievable by optimizing the 10 most page views,
  • Last widget and incidents, which tracks the moments of unavailability of your site and gives you an estimate of lost sales.
In addition, you can now create up to 3 additional custom dashboards and have different views as desired.

The dashboard "Favorites" replaces the old sytem favorites. For more customization, dashboard now allows you to create parallels between graphs without apparent relationship with each other.

For example, if you want to understand the relationship between the number of transactions per minute and the loading time of your main pages viewed, well ... You can perfectly do it! Simply tag as favorites, the two corresponding graphs.

This dashboard is a great way to bring your technical and marketing teams, uniting around common goals.

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