How to see the screenshot when an error occurs

How to see a screenshot ?

When our probes detect an incident with your web scenario, they try to record a screenshot of returned page to help you with the diagnostics.

You can see this screenshot by clicking on the chart on the red area and by selection the option "See the screenshot"

A window will opens and will display the page returned when the error occurred (please do note that our probes don't execute Javascript, the screenshot might differ from reality).


Why there is no screenshot available ?

When you click on the chart, it may happen that the menu display "No screenshot available", this could be caused by the following:

- You clicked outside an incident zone (red area): We record screenshots only when we detect an error on your web scenario.

- You're looking for and old incident: We keep only 30 screenshots per web scenario, so if you're looking for an old incident, the screenshot might have been deleted.

- Our probes weren't able to record a screenshot for this error. It may happen when the server didn't replied with content (for instance when the error is "Step timeout").

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