Add your websites events on the graphs


You can create personal events in Quanta to add information on the different graphs. You can add various types of events, such as:

  • Comments: You could comment on a graph, e.g. to provide a potential explanation during a peak on load time.
  • Code deployment: These events allow you to visually pinpoint the moments during which your website codes were being updated.
  • Modification on server configuration: Using this information, you will be able to interpret the graphs taking into account the changes made to the infrastructure of your website.

Some events are created automatically when we detect Magento events or when a change in the parameters of your servers or web scenarios is performed.

Should you need to add events that do not correspond to any of these categories, you can use the event type "custom" that corresponds to something generic.

The events allow you to work better with your partners and help you use the tool to its full potential. They are represented by the small icons above the graph.

The automatically created events

The different events of your website are displayed above the graph (see above image). To facilitate readability, only events that are potentially related to the graph are displayed (e.g. events of modification of steps for a scenario won't appear in the ‘system’ graph). The icon that is displayed represents the type of event (or an API Token icon in the case that there is one). When events of different categories are present, a generic icon is used (a small flag).

Moving your cursor over one of the events, a number of various event types and their counts will appear. Upon clicking on the icon, you will have  the details of each event (with the exact time, the author and the associated messages ), as in the image below.

Add new comments 

To add a comment, simply click on the part of the graph where you wish to add your comment on (above the curve) and enter your message. Click "send" to save.

These events can be : new marketing operation, beginning of the sales, etc. 

Ask your hoster and developer to use our API to automatically add their code deployments and hosting maintenance. Click to see the article 

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