What is the CPU?

CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit", which translates the word processor in French. That is, in a computer, the component that is running computer programs. The processor can perform several types of operations, which correspond to the four elements you find on the CPU graph: CPU system time, iowait time, user time and nice time.

You must have noticed that the CPU is presented as a percentage in Quanta. This percentage is the utilization of your processor.

We consider that up to 10% of use, everything is fine, especially if you have a dedicated server. Beyond 10% should be monitored especially to avoid this element that does not exceed 70%. From the moment where the rate of use is exceeded, your architecture may no longer be able to absorb all of your traffic. This may be related to two factors:

  • A server problem
  • An application problem: sometimes the new developments carried out on a site make it heavier. Therefore, your architecture equal capacity decreases.


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