Manage your users

Roles & permissions

In QUANTA users can have 2 different roles :

  • Members : they can manage their own profile, subscriptions to alerts and automatic reports, and add comments in QUANTA graphs. They are not allowed to edit settings, webscenarios configuration, ...
  • Administrators : they have full permissions on the Organization settings and configuration. They can change webscenarios, manage users, configure alerts and reports, ...

Roles and permissions are shared Organization wide, so if you add a user as an Administrator, he will be able to modify settings on all sites and users of the Organization.

Add a new user to your Organization

You must be an Administrator to add users to your Organization.

To add a new user you have to go in the Organization settings by clicking on the   (top right of your screen) then click on the name of the Organization you want to add the user to. This will open the user and role list.

To add a user just click on the   in the role column and insert email address of the user you want to invite. If the user doesn't have a QUANTA account, he'll receive automatically an invitation to create an account.

Change user role

You must be an Administrator to change users role.

To change user permissions, just drag & drop him in the right column. 

Remove a user from your Organization

You must be an Administrator to remove users from your Organization.

To remove a user from your Organization just click on the  next  to his name.

INFO : To remove a user from many Organizations you have to do it manually, repeating the last steps for each Organization. Feel free to contact support so we can assist you on this.

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