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Save precious time with Quanta Alerting! You can be informed when your site is down, a keyword is missing, or a page is too slow to load. To use this feature, you must have a Business or First licence. If you are interested, please feel free to contact your account manager or ask support team via our in-app module.

If you want to receive alerts via text messages or Slack, you have to update your Profile page by giving your phone number (and allow Quanta to access your Slack account). 

Enable alerting on your web scenario :

Click on the three vertical dots above your web scenario and select Alerting in the drop-down list.

Select how you wish to be alerted (Email/SMS/Slack). There you have it!

If something occurs on your site, you’ll be alerted within minutes. Here are some examples of messages you could receive :

E-mail Alert

SMS Alert

Questions / Answers

  • Which kind of alerts am I going to receive ?

Basically, you’ll receive an alert to any anomaly causing unusual behaviour. For instance :

- unexpected HTTP return code
- unexpected string / string mismatch
- site unavailable
- connection timeout
- unable for users to login

Each error which is represented by red bars in Quanta will raise an alert if the threshold is exceeded.

  • Is there any quota on my alerts ?

There’s no quota on email & slack alerts*. For SMS alerts, you have a global quota for your site. To check your quota, just go to your site settings : 

* : Slack may apply limitations if you receive too much messages

  • What are the alert thresholds ? 

You are alerted if our probes detects 3 errors in the previous 5 minutes.

The incident will be considered resolved as soon as there’s no error for 5 consecutive minutes and you’ll receive a recovery message.


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