The effect of your actions in Magento

Clear Cache

  • What is a Clear Cache?

Clear cache corresponds to a dump Magento Cache (cache config ,full page caching ... ), that is to say the removal of certain data stored in the cache server.

In a normal environment , Magento performs calculations to construct the HTML code of the page and puts on this occasion , a calculated maximum number of items in its cache . So -for the next visit of the same page , the most of the work Magento is simplified (and accelerated) . However, during the clear cache , the elements of the page are recalculated (typically when the base product has changed , or when a back-office user has decided to manually clear up the Magento cache ) .

  • Why empty my cache can affect you loading time?

Once emptied the cache, Magento must recalculate everything from scratch, which occasionally asks him more work, more database queries. The operation will be longer and more costly in terms of server load . Once the cache « rebuilt », the response times are expected to quickly regain their previous level ( because the cache is used again).


  • What is the re-index?

Before explaining what the reindex , we have to define first the concept of index.

In general, information such as the status of your stocks or the price of your items are stored in a database. This information is not just stacked in the database, but are stored so that they can find them quickly when needed . An index is an element of the data storage system.

On Magento , the indexing system is made in order to group all indexes , so all the features of all your products in one and only place. Whenever there is a change made ​​to a product you must re-index the table , that is to say, update it for the modification appear on the site .

In what ways is reindexation susceptible to affect my loading time ?
Ce processus est plus ou moins lourd selon les versions de Magento et peut être plus ou moins longs à s’exécuter selon le volume de données de votre boutique et la puissance de votre serveur.
This process is more or less weight depending on the version of Magento and can be longer or shorter depending on your store of data volume and power of your server.

How to analyze these effects in QUANTA?

These Magento events are visible in the application. They appear in the toolbar above events your graphics.
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