Master your web page analysis

Zoom on charts & isolate a problem

Our charts are interactive. Zoom easily on the period of interest. Drag from left to right to zoom in and from right to left to zoom out.

You can focus on one of the steps of the web scenario by clicking on the selected step and then "Isolate" or alternatively by clicking and un-clicking the colours in the legend wherever desired. In this case I have chosen to isolate the product page.


Discover the stage which slow down your website

The microscope icon on the right of each stage allows you to see the where the time is spent at each spent

From this you will know at any moment if the response time is spent :

  • Redirecting
  • Requesting DNS
  • Connecting to the server
  • Waiting for the server (including time spent in Magento)
  • Retrieving HTML code

This elements allows to guide your technical team quickly at the right spot. In this case basically all of the time is spent waiting for the server.

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