Check your website's availability

Spot the incidents on your website

On the left you will find the “Availability” tab, which shows your rate of up-time (availability) and downtime (unavailability) and the numbers of incidents that Quanta identified in the selected period.

This number may differ from that of your hoster as Quanta measures application availability of your website, not just that of your servers. This means that if Quanta (and therefore your visitors) is unable to connect we will consider it unavailable, despite the site and servers responding correctly. The availability is calculated from the configured web scenario.

Any downtime is represented in the chart by a red bar. Under each chart you will find information about each incident: starting date, end and duration. By clicking on the line for each of the incidents detailed at the end of the page see the exact time when the incident occurred.



What is unavailability for Quanta? 

Quanta report three types of unavailability:

  • Unexpected response code : this error triggers when the HTTP return code is different from the one expected for this step. By default, we expect return code 200 but you can change it in your scenario settings.
  • Timeouts : this error occurs when a page takes more tant 20s to load ("step timed out") or the global scenario execution is over 60s ("scenario timed out")
  • Expected string not found : this error indicates that QUANTA couldn't find the expected string you set up for this page. It may reveal that the page loaded is not the one requested (for example a product page is not available and our probe has been redirected to another page); or in case of a logged in scenario, that the connection to the account didn't work for example.


You can easily customize the expected codes, and the expected string directly in the settings of your web scenario (learn more). If a step is particularly long (> 20s) and you cannot optimize it, you can contact the QUANTA support via the Help button in the app. We will go over the possibilities with you.


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