What do the red bars represent?

The red bars on the Quanta charts correspond to periods of unavailability, i.e. moments when the site is not reachable or considered as such due to a very high loading time.

The aim of the Quanta web scenarios is to simulate the visit of a customer on your site. So when a page takes over 20 seconds to load, we consider it unavailable (as we imagine a customer wouldn’t this long). This is represented by [step timedout] (see image below).

Quanta notices 3 kinds of unavailability:

  • the technical unavailability: error code
  • the timeout unavailability: excessively long load time (>20s)
  • the unavailability of the sales funnel: your site is available but some functionalities such as the logging step or the put in cart do not work anymore

By hovering your mouse over the red bar, you will see the status of the error. In the example below you can see that the first two parts of the sales funnel are functioning (Home, Category), but the Sub-category page is taking more than 20 seconds to load, thus deemed unavailable.

What about the pink bars?

The change in color is used to weight the importance of an incident. The darker the red, the more pertinent the incident is relevant to the time period selected.

For example, if you had a 30 minute incident and you are viewing the data for the past two hours, the incident will be dark red because it represents 25% of downtime during that period. However if you then select a two week range of data, this will show up in pink as it is less important over a larger time period.

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