Speed up your website: application or configuration servers?

Waiting time analysis

  • The waiting time is the time spent waiting for the server (includes the time spent in Magento). Then QUANTA splits it in two steps thanks to the profiling module that you installed via your integrator / agency.
  • Magento Time : time took by Magento to generate the page

NB : Optimisation of this factor is to be realized in collaboration with your agency ( or developer)
Other : processing time outside the Magento application
NB : Optimisation of this factor is to be realized in collaboration with your hoster in most cases

If the most of time is past in the « Magento time », then click again on « More details » to analyze the time past by Magento in each functionality (Like in this example).

Analysis of the Magento code

QUANTA details the generation time of the page on Magento in different stages.

Find the source of your website’s optimization, beginning with the stages that are the most time consuming .
The time past during the loading and displaying of the Magento blocks is inside the « Layout loading time » and the « Layout rendering time » (which can be details with the buttons « More details »).
In this example we will zoom inside the Layout Rendering Time.

Focus on the Magento blocks

QUANTA automatically identifies blocks of Magento code representing the most time or having represented the greatest change . In this example three blocks represent almost 2/3 of the total time of rendering time .

Select the blocks you want (preferably the blocks that were longer to generate , either at the top of the list) and click " View details of blocks ."

Each block can be analyzed / compared in charts in order to see the evolution over time ( the timeline is interesting here to see possible recurrence of a problem).

The display "advanced" will allow developers website where the file is located corresponding to the block in question ( by displaying its class and template ) .

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