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Your data server in Quanta

Thanks to the servers view, you can keep an eye on the "health" of your hosting. this includes information about your server(s) through the following categories of data: CPU, memory, disk and network interface.

If you want to study multiple servers simultaneously, you can click on " select multiple servers " at the top of the drop-down menu. Then check one or ones you want to study (for all study the same time click " Select All ").

What is the CPU?

CPUs means "Central Processing Unit". That is, in a computer, the component that is running computer programs. The processor can perform several types of operations, which correspond to the four elements you find on the CPU graph: CPU system time, iowait time, user time and nice time.

You must have noticed that the CPU is presented as a percentage in Quanta. This percentage is the utilization of your processor.

We consider that up to 10% of use, everything is fine, especially if you have a dedicated server. Beyond 10% should be monitored especially avoid this element that does not exceed 70%. From the moment where the rate of use is exceeded, your architecture may no longer be able to absorb all of your traffic. This may be related to two factors:

- A server problem
- An application problem: sometimes the new developments carried out on a site make it heavier. Therefore, your architecture equal capacity decreases

What is the memory?

The memory used to store short-term information. By way of illustration, it’s this element that causes a computer latencies when multiple tasks are executed simultaneously. The charts memory is not supposed to vary significantly. You should always keep a reasonable amout of free memory space to avoid slow downs on your server and your site.

What is the disk?

The disk is used to store long-term information. This is where your images are stored in particular. Similarly to the memory, this element should not significantly vary over time. A full disk space may prevent applications to run correctly and can cause unavailability to your site.

What is the network interface?

Finally, the network interface corresponds to the bandwidth. It is through this indicator you can find out the amount of data received and sent by your server, called respectively incoming traffic and outgoing traffic in Quanta. For example, when someone connects to your website it is incoming traffic, or inflow.

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