Link your Google Analytics with Quanta

Quanta allows you to link your Google Analytics in order to correlate this data with our indicators. For example, you can correlate the execution time of your web scripts with the traffic measured by Google Analytics on the same period and thus determine your visitor threshold.

IMPORTANT : To add/delete a link you must have 'Admin' or 'Owner' permission in your Quanta organization.

To link Google Analytics with Quanta, click on 'Settings' on the top-right of your screen, then select 'Analytics'

Click 'Connect' and complete the Google verification.

Once verified, you will be redirected to QUANTA. Your Analytics profiles will be imported to the interface and all you have left to do is to choose which one you would like to use.  

Questions / Answers:

Why integrate Google Analytics into Quanta?

The integration of this data will allow the correlation of Technical data (response time, server load) with Business data (traffic, conversion, etc). We also created an indicator, the ICC (Infrastructure Cost per Click). This particular indicator operates using Google Analytics data. It will measure your ability to keep your website running when traffic increases, and thus indicate a visitor threshold.

I’ve just linked my account and I don’t see the data/the data displayed has a delay of several hours.

This is normal and can take up to several hours. Given that we retrieve the data through their API, as long as they are not visible on Google Analytics, we are unable to retrieve them.

I deactivated Quanta’s Google Analytics module by accident. Is it possible to restore the history?

Yes. By default, our poller collects data from the previous 24 hours. If you wait this will reappear. If you wish to retrieve data from more than 24 hours ago, contact our help desk ( and we can retrieve them for you.


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