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What are the features provided by the integrations ? integration allows you to:

- get build notifications in Quanta in the events bar

- automatically trigger Blackfire build when we detect an incident on your website.

How do I link my Blackfire account to Quanta?

First, go to the "Builds" tab in your Blackfire account and click the icon near "Quanta-Computing" in the integrations panel. You should see a window with the configuration parameters to link your account to Quanta.


Then, go to the Integrations page in Quanta settings and copy/paste the required parameters. After saving, you should see something like this:


You're now able to choose on which scenarios you'd like to trigger automatic Blackfire builds when we detect an incident. Don't forget to save! ;)

Finally, in order to get Blackfire builds notifications in Quanta, you need to copy the link below "Quanta webhook URL" and paste it into the correct notification channel in Blackfire. To do so, after copying the link, click "Add a notification channel" in the notifications panel of your Blackfire account and choose "Quanta monitoring" and paste it in the URL field.


Click "Add" and you're done! You'll see Blackfire build events in Quanta for the upcoming builds.

All done, great job!


What is the minimum license level to have access to the Blackfire integration?

The Blackfire integrations is available in the Quanta Business and Quanta First licenses. On Blackfire’side you will need a Blackfire Enterprise account.

I'm experiencing some issues with the Blackfire integrations, what should I do?

First, please check that the integration is properly configured on both sides. If it doesn't solve your issue or if you have questions, please drop us a message and we'll be happy to help! :)

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